My Life at a Glance


I have been a caregiver all my life, beginning with younger siblings as my mother's helper.  In the fifth grade, I gave up every recess to help out in the kindergarten. I began babysitting in the neighborhood when I was eleven. At seventeen,  I became a nanny to three little girls and I stayed with them for two years.  I am a mother of four and grandmother of five.  

In 1992, I cared for my mother during the last months of her life.  I learned to work with a colostomy bag back when they were held in place with a thick glue-like substance.  (My mother used to comment that I could change them better than most nurses) 


Twenty years later, I relocated to the Portland area and found myself working in an assisted living facility as a server in the dinning room.  I guess I had never really spent much time with the elderly, because I did not know how much I liked them.  Wanting to do more than just serve meals, I trained to become a caregiver.  This is where I got the bulk of my experience - over a thousand hours of intense, hands-on work, covering the busy floors where the residents lived.


As I put on my scrubs, preparing to face another busy day -  I felt that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing with my life - helping others. 

In 2014,  when my sister entered her final stage of cancer,  I used my experience to provide  (24/7) care during her last six weeks of life. I managed her medications, passing them 4 times a day including PRN every 2-3 hours.  I dressed complicated wounds and gained experience in stopping excessive blood loss.  I helped with household tasks, meals, pet care and spiritual comfort. I worked closely with the Hospice staff, gleaning as much knowledge as I could.


I have been in Home Care ever since.


In-Home Private Caregiver

Compassionate Care and Assistance For Seniors

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